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Establishing a secure safety barrier while keeping your pool clean and reducing maintenance are key advantages of a swimming pool safety cover.  But  as well as being half the price of an electric or automatic pool cover, our mesh safety covers have one further unique advantage: the tightly woven mesh allows rainwater to drain through, screening out unsightly leaves and debris.  The mesh pool cover remains dry...and leaves and debris simply blow away. 
When utilised for safety purposes, our mesh pool safety cover provides an excellent barrier: the tight fitting cover keeps children from falling in or gaining unwanted access.  While one should not walk on a mesh pool cover unless necessary, they are incredibly strong and can withstand the weight of several adults.

Mesh pool covers are held in place using stainless steel springs which attach to 1.9cm (.75") brass anchors drilled into the surrounding deck.  These anchors are raised slightly when the swimming pool safety cover is in place, but are recessed flush with the pool deck when the swimming pool safety cover is not in use.  A special tool is required to attach and release the spring.  Once the spring-tensioned straps have been released, the cover is pulled to one side of the pool.  The safety cover may then be folded up and stored in the supplied storage bag for future use.
The pool safety covers are made from a unique blend of polypropylene and remain pliable and smooth year after year.  They look elegant and are available in green, blue and black colourways.  Naturally, the covers are impervious to chlorine and mildew and best of all, come with a 10 year warranty.  
Mesh pool safety covers can take up to 20 minutes to remove and 30 minutes to replace.  For this reason, safety covers are chosen most often by pool owners who use their swimming pool infrequently, or who wish to close the pool down after the swim season has finished.  If you use your swimming pool frequently and safety is the main concern, your best option may be a Pool Safety Net

Warning:  Pool safety covers are not a substitute for adult supervision of children.  Do not leave children unattended near the swimming pool area.


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