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Here, In Tasik Inovatif Sdn. Bhd, we offer few wide range of pool safety equipments such as


Pool Fence

Pool Fence

for the prevention of drowning accidents to children in the 1-6 years 'high risk' age group. 86% of our customers opt for a pool safety fence.  Here’s why:
  • A pool safety fence provides a safe, secure barrier 100% of the time, whereas the protection afforded by a safety cover or safety net is lost once it is removed from the pool for swimming.
  • The time and effort required to remove a safety cover or safety net can be a disincentive to taking a quick dip in the pool on a hot summer’s day.
  • A pool safety fence is usually the least expensive type of safety barrier.
  • A pool safety fence is nearly as effective as a safety cover at keeping leaves and debris out of the pool.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS Here are some of the features which make our ‘Elite’ pool safety fence so unique:
1. The ‘Elite’ pool safety fence is completely removable. If not required in place, the fence can be taken down in minutes, rolled up into convenient, easy-to-carry bundles, and then stored. When next required, the fence can be re-installed in minutes.
2. The mesh panels on our ‘Elite’ pool safety fence are see-through. This enables you to what’s going on in the pool at all times, and is more pleasing to the eye than wooden, steel, or concrete structures, which can detract from the ambience of the swimming pool area. Unlike conventional fencing, the mesh panels on our ‘Elite’ pool safety fence have no hand or toeholds for children; consequently kids cannot climb over the fence, nor can they crawl under.
3. Appearance matters: customers tell us that they love the appearance of our ‘Elite’ pool safety fence - particularly the tan (beige) colour which blends so perfectly with the Cyprus landscape. The fence comes in two other colours: dark green and black. We can make your pool safety fence whatever shape you like, and as large or as small as is practical and safe.
The fenceposts feature a baked-on powder-coated finish to inhibit corrosion and maintain the nice appearance of the fence over many years. The stainless steel we use is one of the highest grades available and all materials are both mildew and UV-resistant. 


4. The specification for our ‘Elite’ pool safety fence meets or exceeds the criteria laid down by those countries which have pool safety regulations. For example:
  • Our ‘Elite’ pool safety fence is 1.2m high – universally considered to be the minimum height for a pool safety fence.
  • Most pool safety fence manufacturers space their fenceposts 100cms apart. Ours are just 80cms from one fencepost to the next; this makes for a stronger, more robust, and much safer fence.
  • Sections of fence are joined together with child-proof safety connectors.
  • Our ‘Elite’ pool safety gate utilises spring-loaded hinges, which make the gate self-closing. You can never accidentally leave the gate open.
  • The gate is self-locking and locks automatically each time you pass through. You can never accidentally leave the gate unlocked.
  • The gate is also key-lockable, enabling you to deny access to older children or unauthorized persons.
  • The release latch on the safety gate is 1.5m (4'11") high and requires two hands to open the gate, making it impossible for children in the high-risk age group to accomplish this task.

5. Our ‘Elite’ pool safety fence comes with a conditional 5-year warranty.


Pool Net

Pool Net


WHAT IS A POOL SAFETY NET? A pool safety net is a proven and effective safety barrier favoured by many parents. It consists of a specially manufactured net, whose final shape is customised on-site to match the contours of the swimming pool. The net is attached to the perimeter of the pool using anchors and clips, after which tension is applied to the net to make it taut.
The mesh squares are uniquely sized so that they are too small for a child's head to squeeze through, and too large for a child to walk on or play on. And because the perimeter of the net is anchored to the pool deck, children are unable to crawl under the edge of the net. In this way a secure barrier is created; one which completely prevents young children from accessing the pool. An adult can remove the net from the pool, but generally not a child under 12 years old.  
HOW DOES A POOL SAFETY NET WORK? In the middle of the net is a Centre Tensioning System (CTS). Used in conjunction with a ratchet pulley and two control lines, the CTS enables the tension in the net to be released prior to removal for swimming; and to be re-applied after the net is put back on the pool. 

  • Mid-blue in colour, pool safety nets are easy on the eye and perfectly preserve the ambience and aesthetics of the swimming pool area
  • Nets can be removed from an average swimming pool in 3-4 minutes, and replaced in 5-7 minutes - much less time than the 20-30 minutes required for each operation with a pool safety cover
  • A safety net does not obscure your view of the pool in the same way as a cover...and it also allows the warming rays of the sun through
  • A safety net can be easily installed on wooden decking - a surface which can preclude the installation of some types of pool safety barrier

If you have a small garden, or desire a barrier which won’t spoil your scenic views, then a pool safety net may be just right for you.
ARE THERE DRAWBACKS TO A POOL SAFETY NET? For a net to function effectively as a pool safety barrier, it requires discipline in it’s use. For this reason, the net must be put back on the pool immediately swimming is finished...even if you anticipate using the pool a short while later. Safety nets are unsuitable for use on overflow pools and (with certain exceptions) infinity pools
WHAT’S INCLUDED WITH A POOL SAFETY NET INSTALLATION? A safety net installation includes the net, CTS, control lines, ratchet pulley, Roller, anchors & clips, skilled labour (typically 15-20 man-hours) and VAT.
BEWARE OF POOR QUALITY IMITATIONS The pool safety nets we supply are unparalleled in terms of product design, manufacturing detail and quality of components. In fact, they’re so good they’re protected by patent. So good also that hundreds of thousands of them have been sold over many years without a recorded instance of a fatality taking place.
Inevitably, successful high-quality products spawn cheap imitations. And pool safety nets are no exception. Less scrupulous manufacturers jump on the bandwagon, change the design of the CTS, reduce the quality of materials...and then pass off the resulting item as being "virtually identical". There's a lot of nets out there of dubious provenance; so if other nets look similar to ours - or even if the vendor assures you that they are the same - that will almost certainly not be the case!
It doesn’t end there. When a poor quality net is installed using cheap, unskilled labour, you know you have a product of questionable effectiveness. So here’s a 5-point checklist to help you distinguish our pool safety nets from potentially unsafe ‘look-alikes’:

  • The twine used in the construction of our safety nets is pre-shrunk, UV-resistant polyethylene. Crucially, it has a 10 strand nylon filament core. We all know how incredibly tough nylon is...and it is this nylon core which gives the twine - and in turn our safety net - it’s strength and durability.

You may find this hard to believe, but poor quality safety nets do not have a nylon core. The blue sheath will be completely empty! When we come to survey your pool, please ask us to show you our net twine with it’s 10 strand nylon filament core; also that from a poor quality net.

  • After we’ve shaped the perimeter of the net to match your pool, we then spend many more hours reinforcing and knotting the perimeter of the net with two more "wraps" of twine. This means the outer edge of our nets has three conjoined thicknesses, to give it triple-strength. This compares with the single perimeter line on poor quality nets.
  • Because our CTS is patented and can’t be copied, poor quality nets use various substitute tensioning devices in the middle of the net. These result in not enough tension being applied to the net. We’ve seen poor quality nets where a young child could remove the net from it’s anchors with little or no effort. We’ve also seen nets with so little tension that a plastic flotation device is required in the middle of the CTS to keep it out of the water!
  • Unlike our safety net, poor quality nets do not come with a Roller to roll your net onto when you remove it from the pool for swimming.
  • Price. If what you’ve been quoted for a net seems too good to be true, then it almost certainly is. In life you tend to get what you pay for. Your child's safety is an issue where you cannot compromise on quality.

WARRANTY: Our pool safety nets come with a conditional 5 year warranty.

Pool Cover

Pool Cover

Establishing a secure safety barrier while keeping your pool clean and reducing maintenance are key advantages of a swimming pool safety cover.  But  as well as being half the price of an electric or automatic pool cover, our mesh safety covers have one further unique advantage: the tightly woven mesh allows rainwater to drain through, screening out unsightly leaves and debris.  The mesh pool cover remains dry...and leaves and debris simply blow away. 
When utilised for safety purposes, our mesh pool safety cover provides an excellent barrier: the tight fitting cover keeps children from falling in or gaining unwanted access.  While one should not walk on a mesh pool cover unless necessary, they are incredibly strong and can withstand the weight of several adults.

Mesh pool covers are held in place using stainless steel springs which attach to 1.9cm (.75") brass anchors drilled into the surrounding deck.  These anchors are raised slightly when the swimming pool safety cover is in place, but are recessed flush with the pool deck when the swimming pool safety cover is not in use.  A special tool is required to attach and release the spring.  Once the spring-tensioned straps have been released, the cover is pulled to one side of the pool.  The safety cover may then be folded up and stored in the supplied storage bag for future use.
The pool safety covers are made from a unique blend of polypropylene and remain pliable and smooth year after year.  They look elegant and are available in green, blue and black colourways.  Naturally, the covers are impervious to chlorine and mildew and best of all, come with a 10 year warranty.  
Mesh pool safety covers can take up to 20 minutes to remove and 30 minutes to replace.  For this reason, safety covers are chosen most often by pool owners who use their swimming pool infrequently, or who wish to close the pool down after the swim season has finished.  If you use your swimming pool frequently and safety is the main concern, your best option may be a Pool Safety Net

Warning:  Pool safety covers are not a substitute for adult supervision of children.  Do not leave children unattended near the swimming pool area.


    Pool Safety……

    “The beautiful swimming pool could be the most dangerous place in your backyard garden especially to your kiddo.  You must keep watching in 24 hrs…many cases happen around. This will be ‘the silent death’.

    No matter how large or small your swimming pool, whatever shape your back garden, or however modest your budget, we have a pool safety solution which is just right for you.


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